EAS tag

Customised lanyards are used in most of the companies with the names and logo of the company imprinted or embroidered on them. They are commonly used at most of the corporate set-ups, hospitals, schools, colleges and other places. Wristband lanyards have become popular for holding or tying expensive items like digital cameras and MP3 players. Like customised lanyards, custom wristbands are also used in most of the companies and organisations. For carrying name tags, ID cards, accreditation details, keys, cell phones, eyeglasses, whistles, bottle openers, pens and other useful items, lanyards are used. A lanyard is a cord worn around the neck or wrist to carry any useful article. Usually it is used where there is a risk of losing the object. Lanyards are available in a wide variety of colours, materials and sizes. Custom wristbands are one of the most effective ways to increase security and help in identifying different client types giving the customers access to special areas like VIP and ID-required sections. Customize wristbands can also be used as tickets or as pass for any venue entry at some special event. More than 40% who died in battle died without anyone knowing who they are. Alas! They got buried on graves without any tombstone to identify them. The soldiers, desiring that such a pathetic incident of a nameless burial should not befall on them, marked their belongings with identification tags made typically out of paper. Military dog tags perhaps started to surface (and was referred to by another name or term) in the early parts of 1900s, and was seen among soldiers displaced in faraway lands and unfamiliar, hostile territories, and was used primarily for identification purposes.Being a stranger anywhere but more particularly in a foreign land could be an experience all too difficult. People in the military most especially have acknowledge the utmost significance of establishing one's identification since anytime and any day, while in the service of the nation, they may perish in an instant.During the Civil War, soldiers provided themselves with their own identification tags since the government that time had not valued or had overlooked its importance.Who you are and where you are from along with other pertinent information about you is crucial since if any unfortunate events strike you, people who are going to find out will know what to do with you, where to bring you and who to contact and speak with on your behalf. security tag security system EAS tag source tagging